"I'm growing a lot and learning so much here. I know God is working on me. It is not easy, but I know it is worth it! I've got a lot of past hurts that need to be healed and I've been so good at stuffing them and pretending all is well. . . . It is a good feeling to get it out and overcome the hurt and the fear. This home is that for me. Healing and growth. I am finally learning who I am in this world and that I am somebody. God has a plan for each of us. I may not know the entire plan but being here at Buried Treasures I am seeing glimpses of that plan as I grow in Jesus Christ."  - M

Ashley's STORY 

I am a strong believer in Jesus. I love the Lord.  I was brought up in a Christian home with parents who were married. Probably because of peer pressure and no relationship with Jesus of my own, I started drinking and weed at age 12, was sexually active by 14, and  by 16 doing cocaine and pills and just partying, going out on weekends all the time.  Chrystal Meth by 18. I was functioning addict all through high school up to age 32 or 33. Started shooting up Chrystal Meth and lost job and lost kids. I stole some money for drugs and went to prison.  There I started reading my Bible and started to learn what Jesus had done for me and started speaking to the Lord. After 11 months, I got out and went back to my hometown. I had the Word in me, but I didn’t know how to apply it and  how to stay sober. Within a year, I went back to prison. This time I met Pastor Clark and Mrs. Valerie. They came to the prison to tell a group of women about Buried Treasures Home and they interviewed me.  I was accepted at Buried Treasures Home and for almost a year and I was discipled and showed my love for Christ. I found my true love for the Lord.  


After I graduated from Buried Treasures Home in August 2017, I moved away from my hometown and in with some family who are supportive.  Everything hasn’t been perfect, but my main goal for staying sober is my love for the Lord. I want to do what God says.  


How do I stay sober? I do my daily quiet time. The importance of my daily time with the Lord, my morning quiet time means so much to me. I can always feel so much better and we were taught this there.  Reading the Bible makes for a better day.  I attend Celebrate Recovery meetings and AA meetings. I also go to church and serve at church, even doing things I don’t want to like serving in the Preschool  Sunday School because God tells us to serve. Fellowship with other Christians, I used to think church wasn’t important or being with other believers. Now it is almost a necessity for my life; it is a necessity. I love going to church and being around people that love the Lord. The importance of having a Christian family and making sure my children know the Lord. I see how God works in my life and now starting to see how He works in other people’s lives. I also go back to Buried Treasures Home to show them love and support. 


Recently, I was invited to participate with A Walk to Emmmaus which is a Christian, 3 day retreat.  I also go into prison and do Bible studies now.  I’ve learned, the more you serve, the more it keeps you on the sober path. I don’t go out with others. I keep my circle small and enjoy being sober and living for the Lord.


I think you can love something or you can be in love. From everything I was taught at Buried  Treasures Home,  I was shown how to be in love with the Lord. We learned service, helping others out of love, the importance of loving people who aren’t perfect, and just helping each other.