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TRANSITION begins upon the woman's arrival at BTH. This time provides the new resident a period of adjustment and integration into BTH's daily routines, schedules and expectations. The resident signs a 30-day commitment. The logistics of parole/probation, medical needs, and family matters are addressed. Clothing and hygiene needs are met. On campus work assignments/chores are communicated. Spiritual training (including church attendance) and counseling (group and individual) begin. Celebrate Recovery classes begin. Contact with family and others is limited and assessed on an individual basis. Weekly evaluation is conducted with the resident and short-term goals are made. After 30 days, the resident and BTH reach a mutual decision about a resident's continued participation in the ministry. 



TRANSFORMATION provides the resident the opportunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically, all centered around the development of a Christian worldview. The resident signs a 90-day commitment. Weekly evaluations continue and medium-term goals are set. Healthy reconnection with family is encouraged through phone calls, letters and on-campus visits, all with appropriate supervision. Celebrate Recovery classes and counseling continue. On/Off campus courses begin with subjects like purity, Christian growth, art, Bible knowledge, job training, healthy eating, and physical well-being. A resident may receive a Certificate of Achievement after successfully completing Transformation. Toward the end of Transformation, a mutual decision by the resident and BTH is made about whether a resident should enter the Trusting step.

TRusting (60-240 DAYS)


TRUSTING is focused on the woman's trust of God, self and others as re-entry in society is planned. At this step, a resident may go to school (GED, Hinds Community College, or on-line studies). In some instances, work off-campus may be allowed. Priority is placed on healthy re-uniting with family, setting long-term goals, and meeting financial obligations. Trusting can extend beyond 240 days in some cases. Graduation from BTH occurs upon the successful completion of the Trusting step.

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